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OKAY, YOU GUYS! [livejournal.com profile] earlwyn and I have decreed that the month between the release of the season three DVDs and the season four premiere would be a grand time for a Foreman Fest Speed Round (or, for Wilson fans, a SPEEEEED Round). Because nobody starts their stories until the week before they're due, anyway!

It's going to work basically the same as the last round. We'll make a new post with the list of prompts. You claim 'em; we cross 'em off. The list will remain open until the fest is over. Stories should be at least 1000 words (and finished, not WIPs). We're not going to be hardasses, but we would all appreciate it if the stories were in by the deadline.

There will be a couple of changes:
  • We won't be collecting new prompts at this time, because we still have a LOT left from the last round. (That doesn't mean we won't collect more in the future!)
  • Only one claim at a time per person, because the round is only a month long. If you write one and then want to write more, you can definitely do so before the end of the fest (and we will love you forever for it).
  • You will proofread and spellcheck your stories! The list of beta readers is still up, too. Speed Round is no excuse for sloppiness.
  • Since we're so close to the beginning of season four, be sure to warn for spoilers if your story has any.

August 21 - PROMPTS POST GOES UP, CLAIMS OPEN (and season 3 DVDs drop)
September 25 - ROUND TWO CLOSES (and season 4 premieres!)

I said before that any claims which aren't completed and posted by the start of Round 2 will be thrown back into the pool. This means that on August 21, if you haven't finished your claims from the last round, you sacrifice those prompts and somebody else can claim them and write them. (You can try to re-claim them yourself, but there's no guarantee that you'll actually get them.) So if you're still working on something from Round 1, now would be a really good time to finish it! (Note to self ...)


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