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Name:Foreman Fest
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Welcome to foreman_fest, the Dr. Foreman fic challenge! Come join us in celebrating House fandom's favorite neglected neurologist!

You can see the twenty stories from round one in the community memories. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

Round Two Rules:

This is a speed round for the month between the S3 DVD release and the S4 premiere. It's going to work basically the same as last time, but with a few small changes:
  • We won't be collecting new prompts at this time, because we still have a lot left from the last round.
  • A new post will be made on August 21 with the masterlist of prompts. Once a prompt has been claimed, it will be crossed off the list.
  • Only one claim at a time per person, because the round is only a month long. If you write one and then want to write more, you can definitely do so before the end of the fest (and we will love you forever for it).
  • Stories should be at least 1000 words (finished, not WIPs) and posted by the end of the day on September 25.
  • Proofread and spellcheck your stories. If you're looking for someone to beta your fic for you, there is a Master List compiled here of people willing to be of service.
  • Since we're so close to the beginning of season four, be sure to warn for spoilers if your story has any.

August 21 - PROMPTS POST GOES UP, CLAIMS OPEN (and season 3 DVDs drop)
September 25 - ROUND TWO CLOSES (and season 4 premieres!)

Header image is by thedeadparrot -- thank you!
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