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Title: Always the lab
Pairing: Foreman/Cameron
Author: [personal profile] alanwolfmoon
written for [community profile] foreman_fest prompt #35: if she couldn't get anything from the guy she obviously wasn't going to fall in love with, she was going to have to risk it.
Disclaimer: MINE! ALL MINE! uh, no, not mine....
Notes: reviews and flames alike welcome. (they make it look like I'm writing fast)

    The lab. Why did they always talk in the lab? Nobody else talked in the lab. In House’s office, the differential room, random closets, the cafeteria, the café outside the hospital, the ten restaurants near the hospital...not the lab. And why hadn’t they had any patients that needed labwork in the last month?!

“Chase, Cameron, go test for auto immune.”

Cameron snapped back to the patient at hand.

Damn it!

“I thought the patient didn’t like Foreman.”

“I’m not going to let *you* near her.”

Thank you!

“Why? Because I’ll actually give her some compassion!?”

“No, because you’ll get attached and then you’ll be even more useless than you already are.”

Useless!?...no...focus on the actual issue....

“Fine. Logically, wouldn’t she be more likely to tell her symptoms to somebody she doesn’t hate?”

House rolled his eyes.

“What? Do you have a date or something? Cus I’m not letting you off.”

Oh god, don’t say the word ‘date’ again House, if I blush here, you’ll notice and it’ll all come out....

“No, I just think that in the interests of the patient–”

Please, please, please fall for it....or at least don’t care that I’m manipulating the situation....

“Fine! Go! Take Foreman and get out of here?”

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Cameron walked off in a huff, Foreman following her, and House watching them both go with his head tilted a bit to one side, eyes narrowed.

Since when did Cameron try to manipulate anybody, much less him?

Especially just to be around Foreman....


As Foreman listened to Chase and House talking about the patient, he wondered why Cameron hadn’t said anything so far in the differential. She usually thought of *something* well before Chase did, and the blond had already thought of two conditions....then again he hadn’t said anything either...he’d been too busy wondering why Cameron wasn’t–”

“Chase, Cameron, go test for auto immune.”

Oh well, not going to find out for a while...

“I thought the patient didn’t like Foreman.”

Huh? The patient hadn’t had a problem with him...

“I’m not going to let *you* near her.”

Good idea.

“Why? Because I’ll actually give her some compassion!?”

No...because House doesn’t want you to–

“No, because you’ll get attached and then you’ll be even more useless than you already are.”

Yeah, that. What he said. Except less causticly. 

“Fine. Logically, wouldn’t she be more likely to tell her symptoms to somebody she doesn’t hate?”

Ok....Cameron, what are you trying to do?

House rolled his eyes.

“What? Do you have a date or something? Cus I’m not letting you off.”

Date? Is that it? Is she mad at Chase? I wish....

“No, I just think that in the interests of the patient–”

Like that would ever happen. Face it, she likes Chase physically, and House emotionally *and* physically. Unless you suddenly develop a libido quite as overactive as Chase or a “damaging,” painful, and chronic medical problem, she’s not gonna like you.

“Fine! Go! Take Foreman and get out of here?”

....whatever. That’s my cue.

As Cameron walked off, her posture showing nothing but annoyance, Foreman resignedly followed after her, enjoying the view, but not the fact that it would never be within his reach.


“Hey, what’re you doing? We have to get blood, remember?”

Cameron turned, blinked, and sighed.

“Sorry. I’m just a bit distracted today.”

“No kidding...what’s up anyway? Problems in lover land with Chase?”

“I haven’t been with chase in over a month. He wants an emotional relationship. I don’t. You were right when you were talking about commitment. At least with Chase.”

“You actually volunteer that information to anyone who asks?”

“Not to *anyone.*”

“Well, obviously not house, but seriously, you just blurted it right out to me...”

Cameron, to Foreman’s confusion, suddenly blushed scarlet, hurrying into the patient’s room.

Foreman blinked at the door, becoming more confused by the minute.


Cameron had made it half way through the first test. Foreman had finished two, and was looking at her with a confused and slightly concerned look on his face.

“Cameron, are you sick or something? You kinda look like you have a fever...”

“No, no I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

Foreman came around the lab desk, trying to get a better look at Cameron’s flushed face.

“Yeah, I’m sure.” she said, nervously.

“Cam, are you just trying to avoid getting sent home cus you might get the patient sick? Cus I seriously doubt House’ll let you off the hook that easy. You don’t have to worry about that.”

“I’m not!”

“Then why are you telling me you’re ok when you’ve obviously got a fever?”

You have a fever Cameron, why the hell are you denying it?

“I don’t have a fever.”

Foreman raised an eyebrow.

“Uh, hello, doctor here. I think I can tell when someone I stare at for hours every day is flushed.”

GAH! That came out SO WRONG!


Her face is getting redder...she’s not feverish...she’s blushing!

“Why are you blushing?!”

“Because you said...um...and....well...”

Don’t jump to conclusions....she could just be blushing now because of your comment and actually have a fever.... don’t jump to conclusions...don’t jump...to conclusions....don’t....jump...to....con–oh shit I hope I’m right!

“Cameron....you...don’t have a fever...do you?”


Her voice was so soft Foreman could barely hear it.

“And you didn’t get upset by that comment....”

“No...I didn’t.”


“Which means you’re not flushed because you’re angry....”


“I’m not angry.”

“Then...” Foreman had to stop to swallow, “then why are you....why are you flushed?”

He was so close to her he could feel the heat coming off her face.

“I...I think....no....I don’t think...I know....that...”


“I like you Foreman. Emotionally. As more than a colleague. And...as more than a friend. And I think I’m ready for the commitment. Not with Chase. I’ll never be ready for Chase, because I don’t like him. I like sex with him, but I can’t get that without getting emotional with him, which I don’t want. If I can’t get the sex part of a relationship without the relationship, I have to bring myself to have the real thing. And the only person I could possibly think I have any chance of having the real thing with is you. I’m taking a chance, and if you hate me for it, I’m ready to accept the consequences.”

Don’t faint. Whatever you do, don’t faint. You’re tough. You’re not going to faint because your co-worker told you she likes you. You’re...oh who cares! She likes you!


“I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I’ll tell House, this test is positive. Sorry.”

Foreman blinked, realizing that his moment was slipping away very, very fast.


She turned, looking at him with a nervous expression.

“I....I like...I like you too.”

Her face lit up, turning even redder, if that were possible.

“You...you do?”

“Yes. I do.”


“Umm....you busy Saturday?”

“No!...I mean, no, I’m not at all busy.”

“You...uh...you wanna go somewhere?”

“Um...sure. Yes, definitely.”

“A...uh...a dinner movie? I mean, a dinner then.....you want to go see a movie and have dinner?”

“Yes! Uh, yes, I do. Does the theater by–”

“Uh-huh. That’s what I thought was the problem.”

They turned, horror struck to find House standing there, leaning on his cane, a smug look on his face.

“Well? Go on, don’t let me stop you. This is better than watching Wilson hit on random nurses while both his wife and the person he’s currently dating are in the same room as him and he doesn’t know it.” said House, limping forward and taking the test results from Cameron as she listlessly held them out towards him.

Neither of them moved.

House rolled his eyes.

“Fine. Be that way. Give it a month and you’ll be cuddling in the corner of the differential room for all to see.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence. It’s really appreciated.” said Foreman, recovering.

House snorted, took another look at the two of them, and limped out the door, shaking his head to no one in particular.

As House went out of sight around the corner, Cameron and Foreman looked back at each other.

“I guess we better get used to that.” said Foreman, sheepishly.

“It’s easier than you’d think.” said Cameron, ruefully.

Foreman snorted.

Cameron smiled.

“I don’t believe in the third date rule. Not when I’ve been thinking about this for so long.” she said, standing on her tiptoes and kissing him.

If he wasn’t already dark, Foreman would have been redder than Cameron as he returned the kiss.

He felt warmth flood through him, every nerve in his body tingling at the feeling of Cameron’s lips on his, her hands on his cheeks, her warm breath on his face. She didn’t take it far, it was a simple kiss, but he still felt as though it was the most emotional moment of his entire life. Cameron’s left hand slid down onto his neck, sending shivers down his already tingling back. He hesitantly reached out and slid one gentle, large hand over her smooth and warm cheek. They both pulled back after a moment, neither one breaking the kiss, simply ending it together.

“I never thought this could happen.”

“I never thought you would like me back as more than a friend.”

“I always liked you as a friend. Even if I didn’t admit it. And I’ve liked you as more than that for almost as long.”

“You sure hid it well.”

“I hide a lot of things well.”

“I can tell.”

Foreman swallowed, glancing nervously down in the direction of the unruly appendage Cameron had just referenced.

“Imagining what House would say if he noticed that kinda helped keep it down.”

“I can understand how that would work.” said Cameron, her voice slightly humorous.



“Alison, would you like to go to dinner and a movie Saturday night?”

“I would...Eric.”

“Should I pick you up?”

“At six?”

“At six.”


    One very eventful month later.

“Foreman! Go test the patient for lup–” House stopped, his sentence interrupted by an interesting sight.

His two lovebird ducklings were in the corner of the differential room, Cameron cuddling up against Foreman’s shoulder, his arm around her back. Their heads were touching, and they both appeared to be asleep.

A small grin quirked across House’s face.

He took out a camera that had been strategically hidden behind a stack of papers (which were not there for any strategic reason, he was just too lazy to move them) several days before.

“Say ‘non dairy cheese substitute!’”
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