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All right, guys! Here are the rules for the speed round again:
  • To claim a prompt, please comment with the number and the actual prompt itself (just copy and paste it).
  • Once a prompt has been claimed, it will be crossed off the list.
  • Only one claim at a time per person, because the round is only a month long. If you write one and then want to write more, you can definitely do so before the end of the fest (and we will love you forever for it).
  • Stories should be at least 1000 words (and finished, not WIPs). They should be spellchecked. We recommend getting a beta reader.
  • If a prompt specifies a pairing, the story should have that pairing. If a prompt specifies gen, the story should be gen. If the prompt doesn't specify either, you can do whatever you want with it!
  • Posting starts on August 25 and runs until September 25.
As always, if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask. Thanks again, and happy claiming!

1. Foreman/House - "You were right! I don't like you!"

2. Foreman/House - Foreman is always top dog. Anywhere.

3. Foreman/House - "I can't stand the man; honestly, I can't."

4. Foreman/House - "Get out of my temporal lobe, House!"

5. Foreman/House - Foreman gives a speech at a medical conference, and all the questions he's asked are about dealing with House.

6. Foreman/House - one of them starts to flirt outrageously with the other. Why? Where does it lead? (Hint: IT LEADS TO HOTNESS) - [livejournal.com profile] alanwolfmoon

7. Foreman/House - Suddenly, they seem to like each other. Cameron and Chase want to know what the hell's going on. Wilson and Cuddy aren't telling.

8. Foreman/House - Foreman breaks into House's place to prove a point.

9. Foreman/House - Set around Poison. Foreman swears he's nothing like House. House proves him wrong.

10. Foreman/House - Foreman acts out of character. House needs to know why.

11. Foreman/House - Foreman needs to hide from Cuddy, and goes to House for advice.

12. Foreman/House - Together, they fight crime!

13. Foreman/House - House wants to know the full extent of Foreman's left-right brain damage thingy. No, you don't get it. The full extent.

14. Foreman/House - A "They Don't Know Each Other And Then They Meet" AU.

15. Foreman/House- Foreman makes the best coffee ever.

16. Foreman/House - "I really do hate you, you know." "Suuuuuuuure you do."

17. Foreman/House - House is not the only one with scars. His are just more obvious than others.

18. Foreman/House - Foreman hates it when House pops his Vicodin. So he decides to put something else in his mouth.

19. Foreman/House - "...and the manipulative bastard." "You remembered."

20. Foreman/House - something SEXY involving mild violence and some fun bruising. Maybe some comparing scars. We all know about House's most important scar, but there have to be others. And we don't know about ANY of the scars Foreman must have.

21. House/Foreman- House invites Foreman over to watch the L word.


22. Foreman/Wilson - one of them! or both! want to make House jealous. (OT3?)

23. Foreman/Wilson - Foreman discovers Wilson likes the Village People. He also happens to like them.

24. Foreman/Wilson: "Guess I'm his best friend now."

25. Foreman/Wilson - Wilson is totally in the closet. Foreman drags him out. How? (Note: That one way, with the sex.)

26. Foreman/Wilson - Wilson's reputation precedes him. This is why Foreman applied for the fellowship at PPTH.

27. Foreman/Wilson - Foreman rents a room next to Wilson's in the same hotel. Why? What madness ensues?

28. Foreman/Wilson - Someone in Foreman's family (or Foreman himself) has cancer. He goes to Wilson for help.

29. Foreman/Wilson - Foreman refuses to leave Wilson's office. Why?

30. Foreman/Wilson - Something during reign the of "Blackpolean Blackaparte."

31. Foreman/Wilson - Foreman finds out something about Wilson's missing brother.


32. Foreman/Cuddy - Foreman wants to know if Cuddy really is a man.

33. Foreman/Cuddy - Foreman is straight, no matter what House might say.


34. Foreman/Cameron - She wants House. She wants Chase. Why does she never want him?

35. Foreman/Cameron - If she couldn't get anything from the guy she obviously wasn't going to fall in love with, she was going to have to risk it. - [livejournal.com profile] alanwolfmoon

36. Foreman/Cameron from Cameron's perspective. Must be angry and at least somewhat smutty.

37. Foreman/Cameron - He says how he feels about her and how much he wants to be with her.

38. Foreman/Cameron - Foreman and Cameron are rooming together (give a good reason for it), or fall asleep in a random department lounge at the hospital while working late. Somnophilia ensues. You get to choose who's awake and who's asleep.


39. Foreman/Chase - polo

40. Foreman/Chase - They go out to a bar and get really drunk. - [livejournal.com profile] alanwolfmoon

41. Foreman/Chase - The first thing Chase learned about Foreman, is that he talks in his sleep. The second thing was something he probably shouldn't have heard.

42. Foreman/Chase - Foreman and Chase pick up a chick in a bar, but wind up more interested in each other.

43. Foreman/Chase - Foreman always thought he'd be the one to end this...

44. Foreman/Chase - To stop a guy from pursuing him, Chase claims to be in a relationship with Foreman. Foreman wishes he'd been consulted on this sooner.

45. Foreman/Chase - When the fellowship ended, they assumed they'd never see each other again.

46. Foreman/Chase established relationship - Foreman thinks it's about time they started using first names. Chase really, really doesn't.


47. Foreman/Vogler - Eric always had an appreciation for new bosses.

48. Foreman/Vogler - How Foreman really felt about what happened.

49. Foreman/Dr. Marty - He left California for a reason.

50. Foreman/Wendy - Foreman teaches Wendy to like jazz. (Obviously through lots and lots of hot sexxin'.)

51. Foreman/Wendy - they stay together after all. Why? How? Results?

52. Foreman/Nurse Brenda - BECAUSE IT SHOULD BE WRITTEN, OKAY?

53. Foreman/Nurse Brenda - Something after "Kids."

54. Foreman/Hot Drug Rep From Season One - teh hawtt sexxors! (or is it more?)

55. Foreman/That Awesome Hooker From Airborne

56. Foreman/Tranny Nurse

57. Foreman/Julie Wilson - "She's been having an affair."

58. Foreman/male - Foreman's convalescent time after Euphoria. X comes to visit him and slash happens.

59. Foreman/anyone - Gothic novel style

60. Foreman/anyone - "People afraid of commitment are those who understand how important it is."

61. Foreman/anyone - First line: "I can't believe that really just happened."

62. Foreman/anyone - Someone walks in on Foreman having sex with someone. Obviously, you choose both someones. What happens because of this? (If it's not obvious, why is Foreman sleeping with this person?) Extra points if the sex is kinky and/or in an unusual place. Geographically, not anatomically.

63. Foreman/Foreman's hand - Wank!fic. What are Foreman's fantasies?


64. Foreman/Cameron/Chase - the baby OT3

65. Foreman/House/Chase (Note: NOT Foreman/Chase plus House)

66. Foreman/House OR Foreman/Cameron OR all three of them - bloodplay and maybe BDSM. Smut, obviously.


67. Foreman and House run into each other while buying shoes. It's rather awkward.

68. House and Foreman are trapped in [insert random place here]. What do they discuss?

69. Foreman's thoughts on House's Vicodin addiction.

70. Foreman thinks on working with House. Gen or slash.

71. Foreman is actually kind of a grammar-nazi. House finds out. Chaos ensues.

72. Foreman needs to cuddle with House (to conserve body heat!)

73. House invites Foreman to have lunch with him (after Foreman does something commendable -- solve a case; stare at Cuddy's boobs; be analytical of someone) and they make fun of Wilson, Chase, Cameron, and Cuddy. But affectionately.

74. Detailed description of Foreman from House's point of view when he first met him.

75. Foreman finds himself in jail; House bails him out...

76. Foreman has always liked violence but that's wrong so he went in to medicine - then he met House.

77. Foreman tries to explain House to an old med school friend.

78. House and Foreman run into each other in a park. They start to walk together and are actually being civil when House collapses. What does Foreman do? What is wrong with House? Bonus points for writing it as if it was an actual episode of the show.

79. The team get yet another athlete with a mysterious ailment but House is not all over his/her case with accusations of doping. Foreman is suspicious as to why.

80. In Detox, Foreman was the only one to offer House Vicodin when his withdrawal symptoms began to threaten diagnostics. Same thing is happening now because of House's addiction to Vicodin and/or increased pain in his leg and Foreman starts medicating him. (Gen/Pre-slash/Slash, Foreman/House)


81. Foreman and Wilson go golfing and have an awesome time (gen).

82. Foreman and Wilson have a talk after the events of Half-Wit.

83. Foreman's relationship with Wilson, from their first meeting to season 3. - [livejournal.com profile] earlwyn

84. Foreman and Wilson talk about missing brothers, and family.

85. Wilson's brother is not missing. He is in jail. And Foreman's brother is his cellmate. Foreman and Wilson run into each other while visitng, neither knowing about the other's imprisoned sibling. Awkwardness ensues. (Bonus points if the brothers are funny/sarcastic in reference to Foreman and Wilson when they are back in their cells.)

86. Foreman/Wilson (slash or gen) - Wilson is in the market for a new asshole best friend. Foreman has the right shoes.


87. After Fetal Position, House actually goes on vacation, so Cuddy takes Foreman to the Singapore conference instead.

88. Foreman fathers Cuddy's baby. No one knows until it's born.

89. Foreman finds out about Cuddy wanting a baby, and helps her out. It can be Foreman/Cuddy, but doesn't have to be.


90. Why did Foreman "borrow" Cameron's notes for the paper?

91. Cameron discovers some "secret" about Foreman's past and won't leave well enough alone...

92. Foreman is sick and tired of Cameron's bullshit. He tells her so. Bonus points if Cameron cries. (I'm mean? So what?)


93. Foreman and Chase battle it out. Which would win in a fight: pirates or ninjas?

94. Foreman takes Chase to the zoo.

95. Foreman discovers why Chase has such ridiculously pretty hair: he's actually Legolas from The Lord of the Rings. What does he do?

96. Chase is angsty after Cameron 'dumps' him at the end of Airborne, and Foreman can't stand it any more.

97. Foreman and Chase hang out on their day off.

98. Foreman's testimony could save Chase's ass after he's accused of mistreating a patient but his personal issues with Chase are holding him back...

99. While at a conference in the South, Foreman and Chase get mugged leaving them stranded in an unhelpful little town...

100. Foreman has a surprising hobby. Chase shares this hobby.

101. Foreman and Chase (throw in Cameron if you want too) accidentally take a ride in Bill and Ted's infamous phone booth. Now they're stuck in the past with no idea how to get home.


102. Foreman watches House and Wilson become House/Wilson.

103. Foreman walks in on House and Wilson having sex/kissing/generally being couply, and freaks out.

104. Foreman is the only one that knows about House/Wilson and he has to keep it a secret. Leads to House and Wilson using him in different ways. Foreman POV.

105. Foreman finds out Wilson and House are a couple, and blackmails House into a medical treatment for a patient, or else he tells the other fellows. How does House react?

106. Foreman's thoughts on the fact that half the hospital seems to be sleeping together. Cameron/Chase; House/(Wilson or Cameron or Cuddy)

107. Foreman's jealous of Chase/Cameron. BUT WHICH ONE?

108. Cameron gets pissed at Foreman for suggesting that she have meaningless sex due to how things turned out, Chase walks in and finds out that it was Foreman's idea, chaos ensues.


109. Foreman goes to visit his mother. What do they talk about?

110. Foreman has a brother Marcus who is apparently in jail. How did Marcus get there? What does Foreman think?

111. Foreman's thoughts on his family.

112. Foreman's dad stays with him during his recovery from the brainjabbing.

113. Foreman's mom's POV, before or after the Alzheimer's (or both!)

114. Foreman rolls for Tritter to help Marcus.

115. Foreman's brother Marcus is out of jail and...sleeping on his sofa??

116. Foreman's mom dies. - [livejournal.com profile] puppy_wuver

117. The reason Foreman is bald.

118. In Heavy, Foreman recounts that he was 'heavy' as a child. What was that like for him?

119. Foreman falls asleep and dreams he has been transported into the I Love Lucy universe. Who is he and what does he do?

120. Foreman is always Foreman to everybody. There is only one person who he let call him "Eric". Who?

121. Foreman admits to being religious at one point. What caused him to stray?

122. Foreman dresses up as Santa during Damned If You Do. How else does he spend Christmas?

123. Every Christmas Foreman dresses up as Santa Claus for the children's ward. Why?

124. Foreman's Average Not So Special Day At Work (where House doesn't show up once!)

125. Foreman's thoughts on car theft. Bonus points if House's motorcycle plays into it.

126. Why does Foreman hate cops so much? Bonus points for not referencing the cop in Euphoria.

127. What made Foreman become a neurologist?

128. What does Foreman do alone is his small lonely apartment?

129. House isn't the only one with psychic dream powers. Foreman foresees something and deals with the effects.

130. Foreman and the Gypsy Boy from Needle in a Haystack cross paths again.

131. What does Foreman say to the guy patient at the end of Fools for Love?

132. Foreman spends time practicing his Eyebrow Raise of Mockery.

133. Foreman at the grocery store. What does he buy?

134. Foreman has an affair with a patient.

135. Someone important from Foreman's past returns. Who are they?

136. A weird disease takes down much of the staff at PPTH. Foreman is one of the few who escapes and must now help the others. - [livejournal.com profile] nighthawkms

137. Because of Foreman's (in)action, a patient dies. His response.

138. Cuddy appoints Foreman as House's permanent administrative boss.

139. Suddenly, Foreman can hear [character]'s thoughts. All of them.

140. How did Foreman get that tattoo on his wrist?

141. Foreman has another tattoo where no one can see. It is pretty. Bonus points if you are creative with what the tattoo is.

142. Foreman never recovers enough from his brush with near-death to continue working as a neurologist; what does he do now?

143. Someone's got to be Foreman's Foreman.

144. Foreman solves the case!

145. Foreman in college/medical school.

146. Foreman interviews for his fellowship position.

147. Foreman acts in a generous fashion that doesn't take into account himself or his career in any way.

148. Foreman is actually Dr. Gant from ER. Did he try to commit suicide by El-train, or was it all a horrible misunderstanding? - [livejournal.com profile] misery_parade

149. Everyone at Foreman's funeral says what they really think.

150. Foreman's first girlfriend.

151. Foreman's first gang.

152. Foreman's first failure.

153. Foreman bumps into one or more of the other characters at a non-PPTH location.

154. Foreman has a skill that surprises everyone.

155. Foreman worked in California, and knows some very famous people.

156. Foreman as a dad.

157. Some time after their fellowships are over, Foreman flies to a conference in Australia.

158. Any Foreman fic, from a patient's POV.

159. Whatever happened with the pharmaceutical rep?

160. Foreman wasn't considering medicine when he was a child/teenager for a career. What was he considering, and why?

161. Foreman's PPTH fellowship application/essay. If it is crack, must include 'What I did During my Summer Vacation,' if it is not, it must not be inspirational-esque.

162. Foreman gets high. (House has Vicodin/LSD/etc., Cameron has meth, Wilson has a stash of pot, Chase snorts hair gel... What about Foreman?)

163. What Foreman gets up to when everyone else is having mad hot sex with each other.

164. Foreman discovers the cure for cancer.

165. The doctors go on a road trip. Foreman drives.

166. Five things that never happened to Foreman.

167. When House disappears, Foreman takes charge.

168. Foreman's walls are free of pictures, his dresser empty save the random case file that follows him into his bedroom. Foreman has just one picture in his wallet, and it's not a who, but a where.

169. Foreman has some issues (POV of Wendy or Drug Rep).

170. Foreman's girlfriend loves to ballroom dance, he's warming up to it, but fuck Chase for being so good at it to begin with (he never should've invited her to this fund raiser to begin with).

171. Foreman does not get over competitive about games, that's ridiculous. IDK how Chase got that black eye, seriously, it had nothing to do with Chase not letting it go that Foreman lost. For an entire week. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

172. Three things Foreman regrets, three more he refuses to.

173. Foreman's brain biopsy (from Euphoria) plants some false memories which alter his perception of the people he works with. But they don't notice until it's too late...

174. While House is on vacation, Diagnostics is graced with a rather bigoted patient who has qualms with all the doctors. Foreman, whose in charge, is saddled with doing something about this...

175. Foreman is keeping a secret that could save a patient but ruin a friend's life...

176. After one strange late night in the hospital, Foreman's started to see ghosts in the PPTH hallways...but there's no such thing, right?

177. Foreman babysits.

178. Foreman's marriage is ending in divorce, and he needs somewhere to turn. Bonus points if a kid is involved.

179. Foreman is stalked by someone he knows. Who is it? Why are they stalking him? And what happens when Foreman finds out?

180. Foreman loses a bet. Oh fuck.

181. Foreman is drunk. Really, really drunk.

182. Foreman goes back to California.

183. Following a minor accident, Foreman has to make use of a cane.

184. Foreman is having trouble adjusting to his new boss.

185. Foreman meets Cameron's big brother. And likes him. A lot.

186. Foreman's disappeared, but people at PPTH don't really notice it. They just feel there's something wrong in the air, but it's like Foreman's never existed, they never met him, no one knows of him etc. etc. Only Chase/House/Wilson/whoever (put the name of the one you want to 'ship him with) remembers him. What happened?

187. Foreman and Wendy cross paths in the hospital. Awkward much? (bonus points if House walks by and makes it even more awkward!)

188. Foreman keeps a diary! What does he write? (Bonus points if House seizes it and comments in the margins.)

189. Foreman does not like being lied to. When House/Wilson/Chase/whoever-you-pair-him-with does so, can he forgive them? And if he does, does he forgive and forget?

190. Eric Foreman has an embarrassing middle name.

191. Love is a four letter word for Eric Foreman.

192. Foreman breaks his ribs and in the painful recovery period, becomes hyper aware that he's been taking too many painkillers -- but he can't stop now.

193. Explore the origin of Foreman's attitude towards the homeless.

194. Foreman wins a fair sum of money on a TV game show, making him somewhat of a celebrity around the hospital. But he doesn't want the attention.

195. Foreman can't sleep.

196. An old friend of Foreman's comes into the Clinic and they look forward to catching up. But when the friend's bloodwork reveals an already advanced HIV strain, Foreman wishes that maybe they hadn't made plans. This was more than he'd prepared to deal with...

197. Foreman has an irrational fear of _____. Somehow, Character A discovers this.

198. Foreman song fic - You pick the song. The fic should be about Foreman as a rebellious teenager, and preferably with some darker themes and some risk-seeking behavior. Should include parallels to House.

199. House goes too far making fun of Cameron, and Cameron PUNCHES HIM in the face for it. Foreman sees it, but who else? What are Foreman's thoughts on this? Please include the incident, events leading up to the incident, and the fall out, not just Foreman's opinion of it. Extra points if the fic ends with smut, especially if it's in a way we wouldn't see coming.

200. Foreman and Steve McQueen undergo a brain exchange and Foreman lives at House's apartment for a week. What's it like and what does he learn? Bonus points if he learns something about House and Wilson.

201. Foreman is turned into a [insert chosen animal here] and is adopted by Wilson. What does he learn?

202. Foreman is transformed into a puppy/penguin/harp seal/animal of your choice. LOLARIOUS! - [livejournal.com profile] mochrie_rocks

203. Foreman is a Secret Agent.

204. Foreman is a vampire. - [livejournal.com profile] waterhart

205. Foreman is an alien.

206. Foreman is a figment of someone's imagination.

207. Foreman's trapped on a deserted island with someone else. Who? Why? Where? When? ...what?

208. Foreman's into something kinky!

209. Foreman discovers that Chase is...The Tranny Nurse!

210. Foreman MPREG!

211. Foreman is a PIRATE.

212. Everything Foreman touches turns to gold.

213. Foreman is actually a secret agent, a la James Bond. What happens when his nefarious nemesis turns up at the hospital?

214. Foreman grows wings. House and the team try to cure him.

215. Foreman battles zombies.

216. Foreman's dead. Someone needs to tell Foreman that.

217. Robot-Foreman turns up for work one day. What does it take for anyone to notice?

218. Lyrics:
"Oh, I awoke in anger,
So alone and terrified,
I put my fingers against the glass
And bowed my head and cried."
- Bob Dylan, I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
- [livejournal.com profile] nightjool


219. Doctor Who crossover - Foreman meets Doctor Who. They get a coffee and discuss hair care products.

220. Harry Potter crossover - Foreman/Snape

221. Jeeves and Wooster crossover - Foreman/Bertie Wooster. Early in his residency, Foreman treats a patient with a very interesting conversational pattern.

222. X-Men crossover - Foreman is secretly a mutant.

223. Tony and Control (from A Bit of Fry and Laurie) crossover - Foreman is secretly working for Control to find Tony.

224. Scrubs crossover - Foreman stays in California and takes a fellowship at Sacred Heart.

225. Scrubs crossover - Foreman's internship was at Sacred Heart Hospital, his firend was J.D.

226. Scrubs crossover - Foreman/Carla. They went on a date one time (before Turk).

227. LOST crossover - Foreman/Locke. Bonus points for bonding over baldness.

228. Firefly crossover - Foreman/Simon Tam

229. Supernatural crossover - Foreman moves into a haunted apartment and the Winchesters show up to deal with it, and Foreman gets suspicious.

230. CSI crossover - There's a doctor killing patients that the CSI team has tracked to PPTH. Grissom sends Nick, Greg, and Warrick to track the lead. They enlist House's team to help find the killer. Warrick/Foreman pairing, bonus points for Nick/Chase, double-triple-quadruple bonus points if Gregory House taps Gregory Sanders. (I will love you forever. For serious.)

231. Brother crossover - In the clinic one day, Foreman treats a tough gang-member called Denny for a nasty cut to the eye...


232. Ninjas in Space AU - Foreman and Cuddy are ninjas in space

233. Medieval times AU - House is king and Foreman is one of his high counselors. Who thinks that goes smoothly?

234. Pirate AU - The whole "crew" at PPTH are turned into pirates. What is Foreman's pirate name and what role does he play on the ship? Bonus points for referencing or including Pirates of the Caribbean.

235. WWII AU - Foreman is a soldier during WWII. House is his commander, Chase is brother-in-arms, and Wilson the company medic.

236. AU - Foreman and House are con men. Their marks are Chase and Cameron, a wealthy Hollywood couple. - [livejournal.com profile] deviousli

237. AU - Instead of doctors, House and his team are Princeton cops: Foreman is assigned Chase as a partner, and all hell breaks loose.

238. AU - Instead of doctors, House and his team are newspaper reporters: Foreman goes undercover to get the scoop on shady businessman Edward Vogler but runs into some trouble... (bonus point for setting this in a past era)

239. AU - the Ducklings are the older generation, not House, Wilson and Cuddy, and Foreman is soon to become the youngest-ever head of staff. H/W/Cu are younger and work at PPTH, but only ONE, if any of them, is a diagnostics fellow.

240. High School AU - The whole team meets in high school detention, and Breakfast Club-esque revelations ensue. Should be from Foreman's point of view!

241. AU, Hannibal/House crossover. Feel free to screw with the timeline and whatnot, it is AU. Foreman meets Hannibal Lecter. Under what context? Extra points if there's smut, and if House makes an appearance.


242. First line: This was stupid.

243. First line: This is the end of the world as we know it and Foreman is not amused.

244. First line: "There's nothing to be afraid of," House actually soothes, and if Foreman could punch him, he would've.

245. First line: Eric Foreman has never told anyone how he...

246. First line: Since the accident, Eric Foreman has kept a gun in his car.

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