May. 2nd, 2007

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There are still nearly two months before fics are due but some of you may be finished. Or close to finishing. Or like me, still sitting there staring blankly at a clean word document muttering to yourself. "What was I thinking?" So if you're feeling rather bored with yourself and want to help your fellow festers or like me and can't write anything and would prefer to read something instead, we've decided to compile a Master Beta List of all of you out there who wouldn't mind giving a once-over for future fics. 

We will continually update this list with interested and goodly people, and keep it here for future reference. If you would like to help, please commet here your name, an email address, which genre (slash, het, gen) of fic you are most comfortable with, which ratings (G - NC-17) you are all right with reading, and any specific comments you'd like anyone to know. For example, my info would look like thus:

Name: [personal profile] earlwyn 
Email: padfootwolfboy [at] gmail [dot] com
Genre: slash, het, gen
Rating: G - R
Comments: I'll beta even at the last moment if need be. 

Questions? Comments? Interested?  



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